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Wrap up for 2022

It's been a fruitful year. We have participated over 20 shows this year after COVID. Seeing old friends and meeting new one. Hugging and chatting without mask on. Selling vintage charms online and buying unique gems at the shows.

Economy thaw and we look forward for a even brighter 2023. Stay tuned for our event update.

A lot of changes also happened in 2022. We focused on online platform, Etsy, to sell our newly acquired items we bought from retired antique and jade dealers in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is known as one of the most important art works trading hubs since 1950. Some of the items are disappeared in public eye for long while. Etsy is a interesting platform that connected art lovers around the world. We upload items every month on Etsy store, so keep an eye for your next favorite thing.

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