Our Multi charms necklace is latest collection. We mix our antique, vintage, semi precious beads and charms we collected over the pass 40 years. 


Our charms are carefully selected to make our necklace special and meaningful. This unique necklace is made prosperity charms echoing happiness and harmony. 


Light green jade ring with floral design.

Green jadeite bead with eternity symbol.

Jadeite bat, a symbol of lucky and happiness

Cornelain bunny represents fertility and vitality.


Every charms is unique from our own antiques, vintage and unique collection can date back to 1950.

Every charm is hand carved, hammered and polished.


Match with a brown 17" silk cord with a knotted bead closure.

Can match with silver chain for an extra cost.

Multi charms necklace - Jade ring, jade eternity bead, Jadeite bat, red bunny

  • Size: 

    Jade ring 19mm x 19mm x 11mm

    Jade bead with eternity: 16mm

    Jadeite bat: 41mm x 22mm x 3mm

    Cornelain bunny: 20mm x 14mm x 10mm

    Lenght: 115mm

    Material: Jade, green jadeite, jadeite, cornelain, red linen

    Each necklace cord is 18" long and matching knotted bead closure.