This vintage Mongolian silver lock charm is inlaid with white jade butterfly with others prosperity symbols. This is a common gift to the bride in China during 19th to 20th century. 


Lock charms are meant to protect the wearers from harm, misfortune, and evil spirits, and to bless them with good luck, longevity. The lock shape itself symbolises an actual security lock, embodying the givers' wish for its wearer.


White jade butterfly, a symbol of transformation, a new and beautiful stage of life.

Engrave and hammered characters of "together for 100 years" and longevity symbols.

A complete set of orginal five silver dangling bells attached to the lock charm


Pendant is in excellent condition.

Hand carved, hammered and polished. The pendant is believed to be done in 1930 for export purpose.


Match with a grey 17" linen cord with a knotted bead closure.

Can match with silver chain for an extra cost.

Vintage Mongolian silver lock amulet pendant with jade butterfly inlaid

  • Size of pendant: 82mm x 65mm x 25mm

    Material: Silver, vintage silver

    Each necklace cord is 18" long and matching knotted bead closure.